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Meet the Bride: Holly, Caboolture

Holly and Jason's country-style Caboolture wedding reflects the perfect mix of historical Queensland charm and contemporary chic. Despite facing a once-in-10-years weather event, they persisted, making sure their dream wedding could go ahead. Holly shares her story, and stunning wedding photos, with us. Enjoy!

Advice and Inspiration

from The Busy Bride community

The Basics:

  • Holly and Jason
  • 4 March 2022
  • Caboolture, QLD
  • Medium wedding (50-100 people)
  • 9 – 12 months spent planning

Wedding Planning Experience

What was the most enjoyable aspect in planning your wedding?

I loved exploring wedding venues with my partner. We actually looked at venues before we were even engaged! It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead and get on the same page of what you both want.

What was the biggest challenge in planning your wedding?

The week of our wedding was the week Brisbane flooded!

It was quite stressful trying to organise setting everything up and changing to our wet weather solution. A few vendors also couldn’t make it but they were able to find replacements for us.

By the time it gets to the day before and things have not gone to plan (this is bound to happen), you just have to keep on keeping on and accept that whatever will happen will happen and in the grand scheme of things, it won’t matter or other people won’t even notice.

First 3 vendors booked...

  • Venue
  • Photographer/ Videographer
  • Bridal Gown

Top 3 priorities when choosing vendors...

  • Price
  • Aesthetic/ appeal
  • Reviews/ word-of-mouth

How did you keep costs down?

  • BYO what you can.
  • We went with food trucks instead of a venue that offered catering. This fit the vibe we wanted more but it was also cheaper than most venue packages.
  • Don’t worry about traditions or things you “think you need” if they are not actually important to you.

Wedding planning advice, from one bride to another...

Holly says, “Don’t let unexpected changes turn you into a Bridezilla. Focus on what is important and just enjoy your day.”

Wedding Day Details

On the morning of my wedding, I...

  • Pampered myself
  • Relaxed
  • Got my hair and makeup done
  • Was with my bridal party and family
  • Danced with my matron of honour!

In my wedding day bag I was glad I packed...

  • Anti-nausea tablets and painkillers

I wish I had packed...

  • A bag that was big enough to fit my water bottle, as I carried it the majority of the day!

Holly's top tip for the day is...

“Just soak it all in and enjoy every minute! Have fun with the people you love.”

Honeymoon & Post-Wedding

Honeymoon Destination

The Beach Club, Hamilton Island, Whitsundays, QLD.

Factors that affected our honeymoon decisions...

  • Privacy/ seclusion
  • Inclusions/ package options
  • Location – beautiful surrounds
  • Child-free hotel

What advice do you have for couples when it comes to choosing and booking their honeymoon?

Holly says, “Don’t be afraid to spend big to do something on your bucket list. We splurged on a helicopter ride!”

What we did post-wedding was...

  • Wrote reviews of our wedding vendors
  • Posted photos to social media
  • Changed my legal name
  • Got our outfits dry-cleaned
Image: David Babore Illustrations


A special shout-out goes to...

Kayla Temple Photography

Holly says, “Our photographer is our friend and housemate so we were very lucky in that regard. She did our engagement shoot for free and visited our venue beforehand to find locations for the bridal party shoot.”

Final words from Holly...

  • I think it’s important to book first whatever is most important to you.Choosing a venue will affect other things you book so this is the best first step in my opinion.
  • It’s good to keep in mind that making or altering a wedding dress can take months and specific wedding vendors can book out a year or two in advance.
  • Find people that you vibe with and they will make your day enjoyable!

Holly and Jason’s country-style wedding was just divine! And THAT DRESS! We’re in love. 

Thank you for joining The Busy Bride community and being a part of our new profile series. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together.

With warm wedding regards,

Kimberley xx
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