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Meet the Vendor: Hikari Productions

With a signature photographic style that’s warm and has a focus on natural lighting, candid moments and timeless colours, Kai D’Amour, from Hikari Productions, can be trusted to beautifully-capture your wedding. As a highly qualified photographer – including credentials from the New York Film Academy – Kai brings vast experience and knowledge to covering all of those little moments on your special day, in a meaningful and artistic way.

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Hikari Productions

Vendor Profile

OwnerKai D’Amour
Services AvailablePhotography
Experience4 – 9 years
LocationBrisbane, Gold Coast & Scenic Rim, QLD
Travel availableYes
Rating on GoogleNot yet rated
Rating on Facebook5 stars

Getting to know Hikari Productions

Timeless, Affordable, Artistic

What inspired you to become a photographer?

I’ve always been in love with the visual arts. I got my first camera at the age of eight and began experimenting with shots, angles, colour and lighting. I studied Film in University (BA, Dip), and continued to love visual storytelling throughout that.

My favourite moments in film were capturing still frames that expressed raw, authentic emotion. So, I began to do editorial fashion photography as a side hustle during study.

Back in 2017, a costume designer who I took photos for had a family member getting married and asked if I could be their wedding photographer. It was an absolutely blast and blessing; I surprised myself with the quality of the photos. Since then, I’ve done numerous weddings all across Australia, but I’m still itching to do a wedding overseas!

What do you love most about being involved in the wedding industry?

The sheer variety of weddings! No two weddings are exactly the same.

It’s beautiful to get to know the couple and their story; to capture them through the highs and lows of the day.

Can you tell us about the most memorable wedding you have captured?

It was a small, intimate wedding at the beginning of 2022. Due to the COVID restrictions at the time, this wedding had been pushed back two times already. The couple decided to have an <20 wedding (that was the maximum number allowed at the time), so that was almost elopement-style.

The wedding was nothing flashy – just in a simple, rustic chapel with their closest family and friends. During their vows, the bride and groom allowed themselves to be vulnerable and teared up. They continued to cry tears of joy for the remainder of the ceremony. Such raw emotion. Their family and friends joined them in the front of the chapel, hugging them dearly, with words of wisdom and encouragement, crying alongside the couple. It was a raw, simple and special wedding.

What is your favourite moment to capture on a couple’s wedding day and why?

My favourite parts are capturing the candid, unposed moments of pure joy between the couple. These photos often end up being the ones transitioning between locations or poses, or when the class-clown cracks a joke and no one can hold a straight face.

What is your favourite photo of all time?

A shot on Miami Beach on the Gold Coast (see below).

The engaged couple were dressed in timeless linen and were happy to get sandy. They’re lying down on the sand, in opposite directions, with their heads in the centre of the frame. I told them to turn their heads to face each other. They did, then told me, “All we can see is each other’s teeth”. So, I exclaimed, “Perfect, then smile at each other’s teeth!”. They cracked up and I was able to capture that happy, silly, whimsical moment.

We’re in love with Kai’s photography style! Her photos are perfectly framed and invoke such emotion – absolutely beautiful!

If you have any questions about Hikari Productions, please reach out at the details provided or drop us a line in the comments below.

With warm wedding regards,

Kimberley xx
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