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Meet the Vendor: Love Like You Ceremonies

This week’s vendor is a special woman – our Founder’s very own wedding celebrant, Amanda Flanagan from Love Like You Ceremonies in Mackay. If you’re looking for someone who will go the extra mile for you, who is bright and bubbly, and who is passionate about love, look no further than Amanda. A Whitsundays-based celebrant, she will bring your love story to life in a way that epitomises the heart and soul of who you are as a couple.

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Love Like You Ceremonies

Vendor Profile

OwnerAmanda Flanagan
Services AvailableCelebrant
Experience1 – 3 years
LocationMackay and the Whitsundays, QLD
Travel availableDepends on the destination
Rating on Google5 stars
Rating on Facebook5 stars

Getting to know Love Like You Ceremonies

Modern, Sentimental, Personalised

What inspired you to become a celebrant?

As cliché as it sounds, I became a celebrant because I LOVE love. I love hearing love stories and I love narrating love stories. How incredible is it that in a world of 7 billion people, two souls find each other – through space, distance and time? I am always amazed at the fragility of these moments and how easily they can pass by. You could’ve decided to stay in instead of going to that bar, or that coffee shop. Perhaps you didn’t want to check your phone, or maybe you took a chance.

I was inspired to become a celebrant, because I am inspired by these little moments in our lives. Being able to write a couples’ love story and share it with their closest family and friends is such a privilege and to be honest, I can’t quite think of a better job in the world.

What is your favourite moment during a couple’s ceremony and why?

My favourite moment during a couple’s ceremony is the vows. I love it because no matter how much you practice, or how many times you’ve said your vows over and over in your head, nothing quite prepares you for the raw emotion you experience when you are speaking these words to the love of your life.

Image: Talia Luana Photography

What trends are you seeing right now in your segment of the wedding industry?

I am definitely seeing a transition to more ‘fun’-infused weddings. Your ceremony isn’t something you just have to get through, like a boring obstacle or hurdle before the reception. It’s the big energy, atmosphere-making pre-reception vibe-maker.

Amanda’s tips for planning your ceremony are…

  • Choose a celebrant who is as passionate about your love story as you are
  • Being in constant contact will make everything run as smoothly as possible
  • Sometimes there can be pressure to find unique or different songs, but just choose the songs that mean the most to you
  • Oftentimes, your song choice can really influence the overall atmosphere, so consider when you want songs to be played
  • When it comes to vows, don’t worry about having matching word counts with your partner, just write what comes naturally and authentically
Image: Liz Andrews Photography

What is your favourite love quote?

I love this extract from Leigh Ann Lunsford’s Parker Sibling book series:

My grandmother once told me, “Relationships are work, honey, and they aren’t 50/50. Some days when I get up, I only feel like giving 10%, then your granddaddy has to give 90% that day. But there is always 100% love.”

Image: Tella Photography

My husband, Bobby, and I had the absolute privilege of having Amanda officiate our Whitsundays wedding in September 2021. After lots of time spent researching and speaking with celebrants in the area, we finally stumbled upon Amanda’s website. We knew instantly that she was the one for us!

Amanda’s energy, passion and genuine warmth drew us in, and along the journey, her willingness to go above and beyond for us was something we will treasure forever. I will always remember talking with Amanda for the very first time – while she was in labour with her twins! We kept saying that it was okay for her to phone back at another time, but she insisted that it was okay. Talk about incredible!

Thank you, Amanda. It was a real honour having you as a part of our special day!

Image: Tella Photography

If you have any questions about Love Like You Ceremonies, please reach out at the details provided or drop us a line in the comments below.

With warm wedding regards,

Kimberley xx
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