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Meet the Vendor: White Dove Studios

With a signature style that’s slow and mystical, Jordan Clune’s videography and photography work suits the magic of weddings. Founder of White Dove Studios on the Sunshine Coast, Jordan might be fairly new to weddings, but his enthusiasm, dedication and focus on quality can assure couples to place their trust in him. An added bonus is that he’s full of great advice for capturing your special day and is willing to travel to other destinations.

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White Dove Studios

Vendor Profile

OwnerJordan Clune
Services AvailablePhotography
Experience1 – 3 years
LocationSunshine Coast, QLD
Travel availableYes
Rating on Facebook5 stars

Getting to know White Dove Studios

Quality, Creativity, Fun

What do you love most about being involved in the wedding industry?

Weddings are events that bring people together, from different parts of the world, to celebrate love, commitment, and togetherness. It is a special and important event for most people and that’s why the wedding industry is something that people are passionate about, including myself.

Weddings are just an all-around fun time, but they can also be very rewarding to work with, as the end result is a beautiful and memorable day that brings joy to many people. Additionally, the wedding industry is always evolving, with new trends and styles emerging all the time, which can make it exciting to stay updated and try new things.

In saying all that, the joy and smiles I can bring to my clients’ faces, and the fact that they can re-live their special day over and over again, brings me such an incredible feeling of fulfilment!

Can you tell us about the most memorable wedding you have captured?

The most memorable wedding I have captured would have to be my own sister’s wedding. Finally getting the chance to see her get married, and then on top of that, being able to capture so many emotions for her and my whole family to look back on, is just a very special opportunity.

What is your favourite moment to capture on a couple’s wedding day and why?

A wedding day is full of special moments, each of which can be captured in unique and beautiful ways. But in my opinion, the most important thing is to capture the emotions and feelings of the couple and their guests, as well as the atmosphere of the day, so that those memories can be re-lived and cherished for years to come.

One of the most beautiful things I love to capture is the morning of the wedding when everyone is getting ready for the big day. Some moments can be missed, so I feel that details of this part are super-special as it’s the big lead up to the moment everyone has been waiting for!

Alongside that, the big ceremony is such a beautiful moment between the couple. From potential years of dating and spending time together, the moment has finally come! It’s such a special thing to look back on.

Some hints and tips from Jordan include…

When choosing a photographer or videographer to capture your special day, there are a few things to consider:

  • A good place to start is by looking at the portfolios of different photographers and videographers. This will give you an idea of their style and the types of photos and videos they typically produce because you want to make sure their style matches the look and feel that you want for your wedding!
  • It’s important to meet with the photographer or videographer in person before the wedding, if possible. This will give you a chance to get to know them and see if you’re comfortable working with them. It’s also a good idea to ask them about their approach to shooting a wedding and see if it aligns with your vision for the day.
  • One you have found a photographer and/or videographer whose style aligns with your vision, make sure to ask for packages! Photographers and videographers often offer different packages and add-ons. Make sure you understand what’s included in the package and what additional services, if any, are available. Also, ask about any additional costs that might be associated with those services.
  • Just trust your gut. If you have a good feeling about a photographer or videographer, it’s likely that they’ll do a great job. A good professional should be passionate about their work, be easy to work with, and be willing to help you create the perfect memories of your special day.

There are a few things that a couple can do to help us make their wedding day run as smoothly as possible:

  • Provide a detailed schedule! This will help the videographer/ photographer plan your day to ensure that they are in the right place at the right time to capture all the important moments.
  • Make a list of the important shots you would like the videographer/ photographer to capture.
  • It’s helpful for the couple to assign a point person to act as a liaison between the videographer/ photographer and the rest of the wedding party.
  • A wedding can be a long day, and it’s important that the videographer/ photographer has time to take a break and recharge. Providing a meal or light refreshment during the wedding is greatly appreciated and helps your person to shoot their best.
  • A wedding day is always an unpredictable and a little bit hectic. Being flexible and understanding the process can be greatly appreciated by the videographer/ photographer.
  • Communication is key to successfully capturing wedding footage. They would love to know what you like and what you want to see in the final video, and will appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

What trends are you seeing right now in your segment of the wedding industry?


I am seeing that a lot of brides are connected with the social media world, so a lot of trends are coming from there. Brides are wanting to make TikToks!

Jordan’s enthusiasm for his new business brings a smile to your face, and he’s keen to share as much insight as he can to help couples get the most out of their wedding photography and videography packages.

If you have any questions about White Dove Studios, please reach out at the details provided or drop us a line in the comments below.

With warm wedding regards,

Kimberley xx
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