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Our Story

Image: Tella Photography

Meet The Busy Bride’s Founder, Kimberley.

Image: Tella Photography
My dream is to share my advice and resources with as many couples as possible, to make as many weddings as stress-free as possible. The Busy Bride aims to be a bride’s go-to destination for DIY wedding planning in Australia.

When my fiancé, Bobby, proposed to me in January of 2021 whilst holidaying in Tasmania, the last thing on my mind was having a wedding. In our early 30s and juggling many demands such as work, study, a family business and our health, you could say life was already pretty ‘busy’. But, by February, we launched full-on into wedding planning mode, setting a date for September.

In the end, we decided that life doesn’t wait for you – you have to re-prioritise your commitments and just make things happen.

To say the next few months were stressful is an understatement. Chasing suppliers, family drama, endless decision-making, COVID-related border closures, the list goes on.

Amongst all the administrative tasks involved in planning the wedding, The Busy Bride was coined.

I’m a highly organised person but I just thought, “there has to be a better way of doing this”.

If you have any suggestions on how we can further help or inspire you, please contact us.

With warm wedding regards,

Kimberley xx
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