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Meet the Vendor: Blooms by Bridie

This week, we interviewed Brisbane-based florist, Bridie McIntosh. Designing stunning wedding florals is her jam – how amazing is this berry-tone bridal bouquet she put together? She’s gifted us with heaps of excellent wedding planning advice when it comes to the perfect flower arrangement for your special day. Enjoy!

Image: Sonny Love Photography

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Blooms by Bridie

Vendor Profile

OwnerBridie McIntosh
Services AvailableFlorist
Experience4-9 years
LocationBrisbane-based, Servicing SEQ and Northern NSW
Travel availableYes
Rating on Google4.9 stars
Rating on Facebook4.8 stars

Getting to know Blooms by Bridie

Fun, Communicative, Professional

Florals are usually seasonal. What are your favourite blooms for each season?

Image: ranunculus

My absolute favourite flower would have to be the ranunculus. This flower is considered a Spring floral but does pop into season in the Winter months.

I adore peonies, which for Australia, their season is Summer. Aside from peonies, I can’t bypass an Australian Banksia in Summer, after all, there aren’t too many flowers that can withstand the Aussie growing conditions in Summer, but these guys can.

In Autumn, it doesn’t get much better than an Australian grown rose. Victoria produces some of Australia’s most beautiful roses.

When the Geraldton wax flower (wax flower for short) first hits the market floors around June / July for the winter season I get so excited, as wax continues through to late October in an array of colours. It’s technically a ‘filler’ flower but I LOVE it.

Image: Geraldton wax flower

The rose / peony / ranunculus and wax flower are all featured in my logo! All my favourites summed up on one.

When planning florals for their wedding, what do couples need to consider?

Gosh; there is a lot that couples need to consider!

  • If you love a vendor, get in touch early. Popular wedding months of March / April / May / Aug / Sept / Oct book out well in advance.
  • Images that you find on Pinterest / International Floral Designers can often either: a) use ingredients that aren’t available here in Australia, or b) the image itself is so photoshopped that in real life, that bouquet would look totally different. That’s why it’s important to have trust in your vendors and know that whatever they create will be beautiful and look as close to your inspirational images as seasonally possible.
  • A big one for me is to also remember that a lot goes on behind the scenes when you’ve secured your florist. What you pay for doesn’t just include the flowers themselves. You’re paying for an art, for something that will be in your photos for you to enjoy for years to come and for your florist’s experience and time in the lead up to your big day (20+ hours!).

Do you have any tips for a bride when choosing her bouquet for optimal photographic appeal?

  • Consider your overall colour palette. For example, you wouldn’t want a wild greenery bouquet, if the backdrop of your wedding is bushland – you would want something that pops.
  • Share your ideas with your florist and they can help guide you, and maybe even make suggestions that you wouldn’t have thought of.
  • Consider your body shape when choosing a style of bouquet. Something that will compliment your figure.
  • Ask your florist if they have suggestions on flower varieties that photograph well.
  • Make sure you get a run down from your florist on how to best hold your bouquet. This will make SUCH a difference in your professional images.

Budget is one of the top concerns for couples when planning their wedding. Do you have any advice for how couples can be more money-savvy without compromising quality?

Often when couples first reach out to me, they have no idea on how much their wedding flowers should cost, and that’s totally understandable.

  • Budget really does lie with what you think are priorities for your big day, however on average, couples spend approximately 8% of their overall budget on their florals. So, if your overall budget is $25,000 – you should roughly set aside $2,000 for your florals.
  • Chat to your florist about arrangements that can also be repurposed in your reception. Just make sure they are repurposed in a way that doesn’t compromise on the overall look. Each ceremony and reception space is different, so chat to your florist and see if they have any suggestions specific to your venue.
  • Remember that what is mentioned in your first quote aren’t the only options that are available. If you would like some more cost-effective options, don’t be frightened or embarrassed to tell your florist that those ideas are a little more than you were hoping to spend – we can offer suggestions that may help.

How early should couples book a service like yours?

Most couples book me 12 months in advance (particular for those busy months like April / May / Aug / Sept / Oct), but I’ve also been known to book a wedding for a week’s time too. So, don’t be afraid to ask availability, even if you think it’s a long shot.

We really enjoyed meeting you, Bridie! Thank you for gifting us with a run-down of all your insider bridal florals tips.

If you have any questions about Blooms by Bridie, please reach out at the details provided or drop us a line in the comments below.

With warm wedding regards,

Kimberley xx
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