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Meet the Vendor: The Tapped Trike

Lachlan’s innovative mobile bar service – built onto a trike – will be a hit at your Sunshine Coast wedding. Founded in 2021, The Tapped Trike is a customisable experience to suit almost any beverage wish the couple’s heart desires. With two taps connected to kegs, the fully flexible service offers cold brew coffee, espresso martinis, beer, wine, cocktails and soft drink. If you’re looking for a unique addition to your special day, The Tapped Trike is for you.

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The Tapped Trike

Vendor Profile

OwnerLachlan Sole
Services AvailableBar/ beverage service
On site – customer’s choice
Delivery and set up on-site
ExperienceLess than 1 year
LocationNoosa and Sunshine Coast, QLD
Travel availableYes
Rating on Facebook5 stars

Getting to know The Tapped Trike

Unique, Fun, Yours

What advice can you give couples when choosing a beverage service for their special day?

For anything you book, don’t base the services you are after on just price. It’s about the whole experience.

Ask yourself:

  • What is your first impression?
  • How were you treated from your first initial contact?
  • How was the lead up?
  • Is the vendor respectful? Or do they treat you like every other wedding?

A well rounded experience will enhance your special day.

What can a couple do to help you make their wedding day run as smoothly as possible?

Let go. Plan as much as you can, then let the day unfold naturally.

You set yourself up for failure if you try to control every aspect of your special day. You are dealing with other humans who want to see you tie the knot and are there for you! Some may be there for the booze, but hey, enjoy yourself! This will only happen once!

What trends are you seeing right now in your segment of the wedding industry?

People are looking to make their event incredibly unique and one to remember.

The Tapped Trike certainly adds a unique touch to your wedding day!

What’s the best restaurant, cafe or bar you’ve ever been to and why?

The best restaurant I have ever been to is Locale in Noosa Heads – incredible Italian food and impeccable service. The best thing about it was I had the best view there was, of my wife!

Lachlan’s ideal celebratory beverage is…

“This Espresso Martini is not shaken, not stirred, but infused with nitrogen gas to produce a full body, yet a light and creamy texture, creating magic in your mouth. Revel in this frothy mix of bittersweet addiction and enjoy your truly gratifying espresso martini, like never before. Perfection is served.”

We love supporting small businesses, especially those just getting started. Lachlan’s creative and contemporary mobile bar is perfect for couples looking for something different for their special day.

If you have any questions about The Tapped Trike, please reach out at the details provided or drop us a line in the comments below.

With warm wedding regards,

Kimberley xx
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